Sinus Pressure Treatment

Are you sick of sinus infections? Aggravated with antibiotics? Consumed with congestion? Searching for sinus pressure treatment that really works?

You are not alone. Not by a long shot. Thousands of people each year suffer through the misery of sinus trouble, and along with it, the constant headaches, congestion and sinus pain.

If you do have a sinus infection, antibiotics may be the first step to getting well. In my nursing career, I’ve seen what can happen when a sinus infection is left untreated. Remember–our sinus passages go far beyond just our noses. If you think you may have an infection, see your health care provider, and get the treatment you need, to take care of your infection.

But what if there’s no infection? Can you still have sinus problems? How about sinusitis?


Lots of times, our sinus trouble starts when something blocks the normal flow of mucus. If mucus doesn’t drain properly, bacteria and other germs can get trapped there, in our sinuses, and start to multiply. Other stuff that irritates our sinus passages can get trapped there, too–like dust and pollutants. So, even though mucus is not pretty, it’s very important that the mucus is able to drain like it’s supposed to.

Sinus pressure treatment options can include using humidifiers, decongestants, steroid nasal sprays, and antihistamines. But one option that lots of sinus sufferers are turning to is nasal irrigation. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive and for those of us who use it, it is a gift to our sinus passages.

There are different types of sinus cleansing options. We tend to think of a “sinus rinse” as a more passive form of sinus cleansing, where a balanced saltwater solution is poured into the nostrils.Use of a neti pot falls under this category.

With “nasal irrigation,” we think of the more active approach of using a device especially designed to irrigate the nasal passages with a pulsating flow of balanced saltwater solution.

Click here to find out more about nasal irrigation, and to discover why so many former sinus sufferers are praising this sinus pressure treatment.

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