The Best Antibiotic for Sinus Infection?

Most of us chronic sinus sufferers would give almost anything to find the best antibiotic for sinus infection.

But is there really such a thing?

If you want the truth, keep reading. But we’re not making any promises that you’ll like our answer.

The short answer is “no.” There’s no magic sinus remedy that works the best for every single one of us. If there were, we’d only find one sinus medication in the “Colds, Allergies and Misery” aisle at the store. And the same is true about antibiotics–if one antibiotic worked best for everyone, getting well would be a whole lot easier.

Finding the best antibiotic for sinus infection depends mostly on you. That is, what type of infection do you have, and what does your body respond best to?

We know that sinus infections can be caused by many things; including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Usually, certain types of antibiotics will kill bacteria, and certain types of antibiotics will kill fungi. And bad news about viruses–at this point, we don’t have antibiotics that will effectively kill viruses. Even when it comes to a common cold, which is often caused by a virus, there’s no antibiotic that can help us.

When we’re dealing with a sinus infection that just won’t let go, our healthcare provider can become one of our best friends. One thing he or she may choose to do is to take a sample of our sinus drainage and send it to a laboratory for testing. Many times, this testing includes something called a “Culture and Sensitivity” test.

Culturing the sample can help your healthcare provider to know exactly what type of infection you have; for example, whether it’s fungal or bacterial. Checking the sensitivity of the sample helps with deciding what medication may work best, in terms of treating the infection. Basically, it gives a good idea as to what the germs causing our sinus infection are “sensitive” to, and which antibiotic would work best to kill them.

One of the most important things to remember is this: make sure you finish all of your antibiotic, and take it exactly as it was prescribed. You want to be sure you’re killing all of the germs causing your infection.

Finding the best antibiotic for sinus infection can involve some time and effort. But it’s well-worth it, to get the sinus infection treatment that’s best for us.

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