Sinus Pressure Headache

What causes a sinus pressure headache?

Is there a road crew inside your head, hammering away, building a highway to your brain?

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What Causes Sinus Pressure?

Most of us battle a cold virus at least once a year. Our runny nose, extra mucus, cough and nasal congestion keep us (and sometimes others, too) up at night. For some of us, that battle drags on, leading to pain due to increased sinus pressure.

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Sinus Pressure Symptoms – and Relief

Although sinus pressure symptoms may not be exactly the same for all sinus sufferers, many times, we have at least some of the same symptoms in common.

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What is Sinusitis?

Sinus Pressure ReliefWhat is sinusitis?

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Sinus Relief

Finding the right sinus relief really depends upon what’s causing your sinus trouble.

If a sinus infection is the source of your trouble, the best thing you can do is pay a visit to your health care provider. The germs growing in your sinus passages are very happy to make a home there, and if it keeps getting worse and is left untreated, that can cause more trouble than you can imagine. In the case of infection, many times, antibiotics are needed.

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Relieving Sinus Pressure

If an easy method of relieving sinus pressure sounds too good to be true, don’t give up hope–it’s a reality.

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Chronic Sinusitis – Signs and Symptoms

Are you measuring the days by the number of soggy tissues you toss into the garbage can? Is your coughing and headache enough to keep you awake at night? Has this been going on for what seems like forever?

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