Sinus Pressure Headache

What causes a sinus pressure headache?

Is there a road crew inside your head, hammering away, building a highway to your brain?

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Sinus Irrigation – Grossan Irrigator Product Review

When dealing with sinus issues, most of us prefer to get well without medications. Especially when it comes to relieving sinus congestion,  many of the medications available have unwanted side effects–including drowsiness, and dryness of our mouth and sinuses. Sinus irrigation has become a popular choice among those seeking to keep their sinuses clear without medications.

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Sinus Pain and Pressure

Sinus pain and pressure are enough to make anyone miserable. Sometimes, it seems like nothing will help.

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Headaches Every Day – Sinus Headaches and You

If you’re suffering from headaches every day, there are many possible reasons. One of the causes of daily headaches has to do with sinus trouble.

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Sinus Infection Relief

For sinus infection relief, there’s no way around it–because of the risks involved, you need to pay a visit to your health care provider. Here’s why.

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Sinusitis Symptoms – Are They All the Same?

If you’re suffering from sinus problems, you probably don’t feel like having company. Even so, you’re in the company of millions. More than 30 million people in the United States deal with sinusitis symptoms at least one time every year (1). Here, we’ll take a look at some of the basics.

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Sinuses – What are They?

They swell, they drain, they cause us headaches. But what exactly are our sinuses?

While most of us are talking about our nose when we use the word “sinuses,” we could be talking about lots of different areas in our body.

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