Home Remedies for Sinus Pressure – Warning!

There are home remedies for sinus pressure relief that can work wonders. One of the most popular–and most highly recommended by sinus sufferers–is the use of a Neti Pot and a sinus rinse.

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This may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s not. From LiveScience.com., here’s a report on how using tap water as a sinus rinse has led to deaths in Louisiana: Read more »

Sinus Pressure Treatment

Are you sick of sinus infections? Aggravated with antibiotics? Consumed with congestion? Searching for sinus pressure treatment that really works?

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Sinus Irrigation – Grossan Irrigator Product Review

When dealing with sinus issues, most of us prefer to get well without medications. Especially when it comes to relieving sinus congestion,  many of the medications available have unwanted side effects–including drowsiness, and dryness of our mouth and sinuses. Sinus irrigation has become a popular choice among those seeking to keep their sinuses clear without medications.

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Post Nasal Drip – What Causes It?

Do you always feel like you need to clear your throat? Do you have a nagging cough with no other real symptoms? It could be that you’re dealing with post nasal drip.

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The Best Antibiotic for Sinus Infection?

Most of us chronic sinus sufferers would give almost anything to find the best antibiotic for sinus infection.

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Acute Sinusitis – Signs and Symptoms

Your nose is like a leaky faucet, but you can’t breathe through it. Your head aches and your cough is keeping you (and maybe someone else) awake at night. Whatever’s going on, you just wish it would stop.

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Sinus Infection Treatments – Go Nuts

Get Sinus Pressure ReliefA recent theory about sinus infection treatments might make you wonder if we’re nuts.

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