Chronic Sinusitis – Signs and Symptoms

Are you measuring the days by the number of soggy tissues you toss into the garbage can? Is your coughing and headache enough to keep you awake at night? Has this been going on for what seems like forever?

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Can Nasal Steroids Relieve Sinus Pressure Caused by Sinus Infection?

Relieve Sinus PressureIntranasal steroids can help relieve sinus pressure and pain caused by sinus infection, according to a recent review of research studies.

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Sinus Infection Relief – What Works?

If you’re battling a sinus infection, relief is probably all you can think about. Even the hardest charger can be knocked down by sinus problems.

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What is a Sinus Rinse?

What’s the deal with these people pouring water into their noses?

Well, they have their reasons. And some of them sound really good. Check out the video below.

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Learn How to Relieve Sinus Pressure at Home

If you’re struggling with sinus problems, you’re probably more than ready to find effective ways to relieve sinus pressure. And the easier the remedy, the better.

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Post Nasal Drip – Ahem! What is it?

Ahem…ahem! Do you constantly feel like you need to clear your throat?

It could be that post nasal drip is the source of your trouble.

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Sinusitis – Acute or chronic?

By definition, sinusitis is inflammation–or swelling–of the sinuses.

If you’re dealing with inflamed, irritated sinuses, you’re not alone. Millions of people every year struggle with sinusitis.

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